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come to sea and see for yourself...


come to sea and see for yourself

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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

HSV - high speed military sealift capability

looking for high speed sealift capablity...the ferries are the answer... 

The success of high speed catamaran technology had caught the eyes of the world only superpower to meet military logistic demands for transporting troops and equipments to the theater of operations in the last 10 years.

Civllian high speed ferries and catamaran were leased and chartered to the military and knowned as HSV (High Speed Vessel) to meet logistic demands and at the same time to evaluates its effectiveness and capabilities.

MV WestPac Express (HSV- 4676)

 civillian catamaran turned military vessel...the westpac express...

This craft is chartered to USMC for Military Sealift Command.Her role is to transport military personnel and equipment to the objective at high speed while at the same time being the USN testbed and technology demonstrator before going for a proper military high speed craft.

WestPac Express is a civillian high speed ferry built by Austal Limited, an Australian company with shipbuilding expertise were focused on high speed ferries and catamaran technology. The effectiveness of WestPac Express in her had convinced USN with agreement to use Austal Limited high speed craft design for the Joint High Speed Vessel programme.

her cargoes includes armoured personnel carrier...

WestPac Express was chartered by the Third Marine Expeditionary Force (III MEF) in 2001 for the rapid deployment of Marine battalions and equipment in the Western Pacific for training exercises.

The contract involves an initial ‘proof of concept’ period of approximately two months, but it is anticipated that this will be extended for a longer period once the vessel demonstrates its ability to meet the Marines’ needs.

helicopters...loaded through her stern ramp...

During this period the number of aircraft used and time in transit were reduced while plus permitted more equipment and personnel to be transported as a complete unit.This had convinced the USN and USMC to carry out future programme for this type of vessel.

 light armoured vehicles and 950 troops...in one vessel

This particular vessel have the capacity to accomdate 970 troops and a cargo area which consist of two vehicle dec and a cargo deck capable of accomodating 153 units of HUMMWV or 12 AAV`s and 20 LAV`s.It is also known that rotary wing aircraft are also carried in this vessel to support military operations.

WestPac Express are powered by 4 Caterpillar 3618 diesel engine producing 7200 kW at 1050 rpm each and propelled by water jet propulsion with cruising speed up to 33 knots.

HSV-X1 Joint Venture 

she was a ferry called devil cat before being conscripted as hsv-x1....

The Joint Venture is formerly a civillian high speed catamaran car/passenger ferry built by Incat of Tasmania before being intially chartered to USN and then to the US Army for experimental, evaluation and test programme.

Her induction into military service were due to the effectiveness and flexibility of WestPac Express in conducting military transport operations while at the same had proved to be cost and logistically effective in bringing in the troop to operation theater compared to airlift operations. 

flight deck for helicopter operations..

HSV-X1 had the ability to carry 325 troops and 400 tonnes of military equipment together with a flight deck to support helicopter operation and rapidly reconfigurable for different operations and roles.Other roles includes miltary command vessel and high speed long range transport vessel.

stern ramp on her starboard side for roll-on roll-off vehicle loading...

HSV-X1 is powered by 4 Caterpillar diesel engine and propelled through water jet propulsion.

Service of HSV-X1 with USN and USAV was ended in 2006 and were returned to its owner the TT Line before being purchased and refitted for civillian use by Isle of Man Steam Packet Company in 2008.

HSV-2 Swift 

multirole catamaran...from military transport,technology demonstrator to command and support

HSV-2 Swift is a hybrid catamaran leased to USN from Incat of Tasmania with role as mine countermeasures and sea basing platform.

The HSV-2 is thoroughly used for various naval and amphibious operations and equipped with facilities to support the operations.A helicopter flight deck, strengthened vehicle deck, small boat and unmanned vehicle launch and recovery capability, and an enhanced communications suite are among the facilities and enhancement fitted on this vessel.Her 2670m square cargo deck is capable of carrying 605 tonne of cargo.

 stern ramp..similar to hsv-x1 and westpac express...to accomodate cargo loading and offloading 

HSV-2 also serve as modular shipbuiling design platform where it had the capability to be refitted to support any mission without requiring long shipyard periods.The vessel were also flexible, having the ability to transport military vehicles and troops in a number of deployments including disaster relief and humanitarian operations.

45 knots and 3500nm...loaded with full gear troops and vehicles

Powered by 4 Caterpillar 3618 diesel engine,HSV-2 had a maximum cruising speed of 45 knots and capable of operating up 3500nm range.

The vessel were also equipped with armaments namely the Mk 96 with 25mm/40mm stabilize gun and Mk 45 Snake Eye with Mk 19 grenade launcher.

-come to sea and see for yourself-

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