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its hard to describe how a man could left everything he had on land and went out to sea...
its even harder to describe how bright the stars at night and how fresh the cool morning air when you are in the middle of the ocean...
the hardest thing is to describe how close you are to death and how god could took your life at any time...
come to sea and see for yourself...


come to sea and see for yourself

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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

the story of a watchkeeping officer - man overboard ...!!?

this is purely a fiction especially the characters.the scenario and procedures taken by the character is based on likely real situation and there might be some loophole.other than that is fictional.this is just another way for me to study...

if u went overboard and never be found..ur fish food..!!

I was on 0800H-1200H duty when it happened. It occurs right after i finished my hourly log entry. The VHF walkie talkie was on and placed right next to the center gyro repeater. After having a glimpse on the radar i went to the center when suddenly i heard the bosun were screaming frantically on the radio.  

"man overboard...man overboard starboard side...man overboard starboard side...!!!" screamed that old man.

He was on deck with the other crew that morning to paint the ship side.It was chief officer`s project of the day.

I ran to the steering system, turn off the auto pilot and made a hard turn to starboard to avoid the person who fell overboard from being sucked into the ship propeller. The Williamson turn is a most effective recovery manouvre where the ship rudder were put to hardover position, creating a round turn. When approaching to near complete turn the ship rudder were set to midship thus resulting the ship to return to its original course in reciprocal manner.

Then i went to the bridge wing and release the man overboard marker. The marker, is a 4.5kg lifebuoy equipped with bouyant light and smoke signal, activated after it was released into the water to indicate the man overboard position.

 I ran back inside towards the chart room and took note of the current position.Then emergency alarm was sounded with seven or more short blast followed by one prolonged blast.right after that announcement was made.

"man overboard..man overboard..man overboard...all ship personnel please muster at your designated muster station..all ship personnel please muster at your designated muster station..."

The master came up an took over conn.He told me to call the engine room to have the engine on standby.

''What happened..?''

''Our AB went overboard sir at starboard side,he was working aloft...ship is now in moving hardover to starboard...''

''Ok..i took over conn. Call the engine room to have the engine on standby. Inform RCC and head office..Helmsman, maintain hard to starboard..''

''Right sir..''

The crew had mustered and accounted for except for the AB who went overboard.The bosun still pointing towards the victim position inside the water.

On the bridge the steering was put on manual and steered by the helmsmen while the engine speed were reduced.Extra lookout were posted outside to spot the victims.

Emergency broadcast was made trough the VHF to warn the traffic in the vicinity and the MRCC were informed of  the situation.

The ship had went reciprocal to it original course and the engine was ordered to dead slow.Rescue party were ordered by master to standby for recovery. The victim had been spotted clearly in the water drifting about 7 miles from the ship.He was holding on to the buoy.

The rescue boat was manned by 5 person and then it was lowered to recover the victim.The rescue boat crew were all suited up with immersion suit to avoid loss of body heat.The sea temperature is quite low since its the end of winter and the possibility of getting hypothermia is high.

The rescue boat approaches the victim at slow speed.The crew then pull him out of the water and quickly placed him in thermal protective aid to recover body heat.The victim was having an early hypothermia symptoms.If he stayed much longer in the water, he could have lost his life due to excessive loss of body heat.

The rescue boat were recovered and the victim were brought to the ship hospital for further treatments. 2nd mate were at the hospital checking the victim conditions. He was traumatic but will be fine in a few hours.

The ship went back to her original course and speed while the victim had recover from trauma. He is in stable condition now. Other ships, MRCC and head office were informed of the success of recovery operations.

Its lucky for the AB that the sea was not rough and he fell right where others could see him. If he was alone, SAR operation had to be conducted involving assets from aircraft to ships of the closest local authorities and it could be days before he was recovered since nobody knew exactly where he fell.

And lucky for me the rescue boat had operated without any failure. Seems those crappy check and maintenance hailed by superitendent were worth something after all.

''Gud heavens what a nice day..but still something could go wrong..''

-come to sea and see for yourself-


Snuze said...

Dude, damn near as scary as reading Alistair MacLean's HMS Ulysses, siut. Except that this is a happy ending.


ikansadinmknorang said...

erk..is it..??

Snuze said...

Ok la .... kira mamat tu diselamatkan, sumer org bangga pasal masih ingat training and executed the necessary procedures in an exemplary manner .... kira happy ending la ... tidak?

Thank you for writing; a friend of mine is currently with her husband on board an LNG ship, so reading your blog gives me a clearer idea of what her life is like.


ikansadinmknorang said...

ahaa..sumthing like dat..
glad that my writing had an effect..