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its hard to describe how a man could left everything he had on land and went out to sea...
its even harder to describe how bright the stars at night and how fresh the cool morning air when you are in the middle of the ocean...
the hardest thing is to describe how close you are to death and how god could took your life at any time...
come to sea and see for yourself...


come to sea and see for yourself

this blog is dedicated to mariners,navigators and seafarers alike, merchant or naval for others to had a glimpse of what we do and what we faced in the vast blue oceans.

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Saturday, August 27, 2011

the story of a watchkeeping officer - of fighter jets and a ship

entri nasehat melalut...dont read this...this is crap... : P

kids....when you grow up..join the air force and fly one of these...

Seafaring is not a glamorous career. 

Being a fighter pilot does. People know that a fighter pilot is a man who drives a multimillion dollar, state of the art fighter jets. 

He is solely responsible for the aircraft he flies, he got his own call sign, capable of going to mach speed, taking out enemy aircraft or ground forces with loads of weapons designed only to kill, and in some occasions public could meet these knights of the air at air shows, getting an autograph, picture etc.

 And the best part about it is that every single person knew that these guys are the one flying in times of peace and will be defending our skies in times of war.

Kids, if you reading this site take my advice. Get yourself straight and become a fighter pilot instead of a seafarer. Flying is much fun than sailing.

This is my stupid advice. Don`t read and ignore.Please.... 

-come to sea and see for yourself-

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