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its hard to describe how a man could left everything he had on land and went out to sea...
its even harder to describe how bright the stars at night and how fresh the cool morning air when you are in the middle of the ocean...
the hardest thing is to describe how close you are to death and how god could took your life at any time...
come to sea and see for yourself...


come to sea and see for yourself

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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Absalon - LPD on nature..Frigate in design...

 L-16 Absalon and L-17 Esbern Snare...frigate hull vessel with cargo space for amphibious landing..plus other neat thing to change its nature...

The Absalon Class vessels, built by Odense Steel Shipyard for the Danish Navy, are flexible support ships or combat support ships. The ship had a unique mission feature which incorporate the use of multipurpose deck (flex deck) where the ships can be equipped for naval warfare, land attack, strategic sealift missions or as a command platform.

Design is based on frigate with the addition of the cargo spaces and ramps below the main deck to accommodate vehicles or equipments suit for different mission.The ship design incorporates stealth characteristics for low acoustic, radar, visual and infrared signatures.
They can also be configured as hospital ships or for emergency disaster relief.A containerised modular hospital can be installed on the flex deck. The hospital has a throughput capacity to treat 40 emergency patients a day or up to ten major surgical operations.

The Absalon class has a crew of 100. Permanent accommodation is also included for up to 70 additional personnel such as combined or joint task force headquarters staff. Container accommodation for an additional 130 forces personnel can be installed on the flex deck. The ship has galley and personnel facilities for up to 300 embarked passengers and crew.

HDMS Absalon (L16) was launched in February 2004 and commissioned into the Royal Danish Navy in July 2004. The second of class, Esbern Snare (L17), was launched in June 2004 and commissioned in February 2005.

Propelled by two MTU 8000 diesel engines in a combined diesel and diesel configuration the ship is capable of moving at a speed of 24 knots with operating range up to 9000nm.

stern roll-on roll-off ramp with Leopard II MBT coming in for loading..

A roll-on roll-off ramp installed at the stern of the ship accesses the flex deck (flexible deck). The flex deck, providing 915m², and 250m of parking lanes, is about 90m long and capable to accommodate 55 vehicle or 7 MBT or a company sized troop comprises of 200 men and vehicles.For amphibious landing operations 2 SRC90E class LCP can be launched from the stern ramp next to the roll on-roll off ramp.

flight deck and hangar for two medium lift helicopter...the flight deck can also serve as cargo space...

The ship is also capable of accommodating 2 medium lift helicopter with flight deck and hangar bay.For helicopter landing the ship is equipped with a McTaggart Scott helicopter landing system and a Harpoon deck lock.

54 Mk. 45 and Oerlikon Contraves Millenium CIWS

Weapons systems for the Absalon class warship includes a 127mm 54 Mk. 45 Naval Gun capable of firing Extended Range Guided Munition which can reach a target up to 100km in range.

Harpoon II SSM at midship part

Also included are 8-16 Harpoon II SSM launcher for surface to surface warfare, Eurotorp MU 90 lightweight torpedo and a twin or triple torpedo launcher on both sides of the weapons deck, three modules for the surface-to-air missiles will each carry a 12-cell mk6 vertical launcher allowing the ship to carry 36 RIM-162 Raytheon Evolved Sea Sparrow Missiles (ESSM) which is guided by CEROS 200 fire control system.

Oerlikon Contraves Millenium 35mm CIWS

For close in protection the Absalon is fitted with the Oerlikon Contraves Millenium, 35mm naval gun system (GDM-008), one to the front of the bridge and one on the roof of the hangar.The ship can also carry up to 300 mines and can be fitted with containerised mine laying rails.

Electronic countermeasures are also fitted to increase the vessel survivability against missile threats.

-come to sea and see for yourself-

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